Opportunity Knocks

6 Aug

Opportunity Knocks

Recently I visited Haiti in mission to help out in many different areas that concern the Haitian person. I was amazed to witness a variety of opportunities that the electronic revolution has made available to people around the world as well as the Haitian people which could end up delivering golden opportunities for investors to make a lot of money. The country is at its early stage of coming out of its third world status. Everything is currently budging in Haiti. As I was focusing on the mission, I could not help but to pay a close attention to the way that the Haitians communicate amongst each other and the rest of the world. Being a communication student at Empire State College, I wanted to make the experience an intellectual conquest that could help me in my academic studies.

One in every ten Haitians owns a cell phone. The western influence back there is so great that almost all the cable channels in the US are currently being watched in Haiti. What this does to the Haitians is that it places all the new and fast electronic devices before the Haitians for them to choose the most recently advertised device for them to choose. Being that there are two giant Chinese telephone and internet providers in Haiti (Natcom and Digicel), these two competitors have found a way to offer their services to the Haitian population at an exuberant rate which is totally unacceptable. For example, one does not need to subscribe to the cable company or the phone company as it is here for us on a monthly basis to be able to have access to the internet. What they offer is a service one can have which packages the internet service under a set price and it is up to you if you want to use it in one day or keep it as a precious cup of water you want to drink little by little. If you want to consume your entire internet access in one day you can but at the end of the day you will have to make a trip to the office of the provider again and purchase a new electronic card that will connect you back with the rest of the world.

That is also the same scenario with the easy telephone access that the Haitians are immensely enjoying. With the new electronic era being available to the world, I think that the Haitians should be given the same access as the rest of the world. It is on that note that I came up with the above-mentioned topic “Opportunity Knocks”. On the same note, I had a conversation with a communication student and his name is Mackenson. I was so glad to exchange with him information related to our mutual degree. The conversation could be strongly animated had he had as me about 10% of tools such as easy internet access, a laptop, an Ipod, or a school electronic library such as we have at Empire State for him to do his research and improve his potential of learning. Basically, he related to me that they are aware of these tools and how effective they are in unlocking student potentials but they do not have access to these tools. Just imagine for a moment the picture at hand. Two students studying the same course but being separated by two different cultures are working towards their education. One is well-equipped and the other can barely touch a laptop computer in his own school. I think that on that notion, the responsible investors around the world should do their best to be part of that country as it is preparing to take off in that electronic adventure with the rest of the world. At the end, everyone involved will benefit from that golden opportunity as the young minds will be given the chance to explore countless electronic devices at a price which they can afford in an electronic superhighway that is made available to them just like everyone else.